Civic hacking the Federal Register

Building an executive branch agency list using the National Archives' Federal Register API.

By Luke Fretwell ยท 31 Oct 2022

(This post is part of an ongoing series documenting adventures in father-son civic hacking.)


We built a listing of executive branch agencies and individual agency pages using the Federal Register API. This includes agency pages with:

  • Agency logo, description and website
  • Subagencies within the agency
  • Recent agency Federal Register documents


Data used for this project:


Issues we found using the API:

  • Agency logos are poor quality.
  • Agency data (about, website) is inconsistent, needs copyediting or is empty.


Big kudos to the National Archives for:

  • Maintaining a public repository of the data.


Executive agencies:

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh executive branch agency page

Example agency:

Screenshot of Department of Interior page on USA.GovFresh


Share your feedback on the USA.GovFresh repo.